English guided Tours in the World Heritage Site of the Wadden Sea

English mudflat and bird watching tours as well as  some other tours are available in some Schutzstation Wattenmeer stations!

Mudflat excursions:

discover the unique workings to the Wadden Sea´s extensive mudflats. Take a guided tour through the tidal flats at low tide and learn about the processes shaping this landscape and the many animals that live in this constantly changing environment. In summer it is marvelous to walk barefoot, in spring and autoum it is advisable to wear rubber boots.

Birding excursions: 

get a chance to view the many birds that visit or inhabit the Wadden Sea and it´s islands. Meet up with a guide for a chance to view long-distance migratory birds as ducks, geese and other inhabitants as they rest and feed in protected natural areas.


Please don´t hesitate to ask for further informations.

Thank you a lot for your interest and see you soon in the Wadden Sea!